This Filmmaker Made a New Film Every Day for 30 Days!

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Every day for 30 days this summer," Liz Stinson of Wired reports, "Doug Aikten grabbed his camera and shot one 15-second film. (Aitken is a multi-media artist best known as the mastermind behind 'Station To Station,' the roaming art exhibit that carted dozens of artists from NYC to San Francisco on a train.) Aitken’s films, which chronicled the goings-on at the Barbican’s recently-closed 30-Day Happening, were as diverse as the exhibition itself.

"His final project, aptly titled '30-Day Film', is exactly what it sounds like: 30 days worth of footage stitched together to form 7.5 minutes of disjointed cultural happenings."

Below, take a look at Aitkin's film, 'Station to Station.'