Film Editing: Is it an Art or a Craft?

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In a lively piece on his blog, editor Ron Sussman wonders if film editing should be considered an art or a craft. He writes, "There is no doubt that film editing is an art form. The ability to manipulate picture and sound to steer an audience by the juxtaposition of images has enlightened and entertained for over 100 years. A film editor creates tension, lightness, excitement from seemingly random clips of footage. This is indeed an art form. Editing is also a craft. In days of old, (I'm talking late 80s, early 90s when I first started in the business), we edited with a physical material called film. So using my examples from paragraph one, shouldn't film editing be considered more of a craft than an art? We are making something from something else without modifying the material, in this case celluloid."

Read his full post here.