'Expedition Mungo' Explores Myths and Mysteries

"One of the draws to my job as an extreme cameraman is being thrown into an uncontrolled environment."
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The new Animal Planet series,

Expedition Mungo

, explores the myths and legends cameraman Paul "Mungo" Mungeam has encountered throughout his travels.

"Throughout my 20-plus years of filming in over 90 countries around the world, I’ve heard some truly amazing stories," he tells


. "Some seem totally farfetched, but others are spine-tinglingly real. This series provided the perfect vehicle for me to return to countries and investigate some of those stories — to define which stories are fact and which are fiction. To use my cameras and camera technology, to try to capture evidence on camera — the opportunity and trip of a lifetime.


Expedition Mungo

took us to some very remote and often hostile environments," he continues. "To deploy a crew into such places is no small feat. Getting to some locations took up to five different forms of transport — a true expedition.

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"Safety is always a great concern. In such remote locations, even the smallest injury, if not treated quickly, can escalate into a very serious medical situation. To have solid extraction plan in place was essential, however, some of our locations were so remote, that any extraction plan proved impossible. This was a huge concern for the production team back in the UK.

"One of the draws to my job as an extreme cameraman is being thrown into an uncontrolled environment. My crew and I were totally at the mercy of Mother Nature and often found ourselves pitted against ferocious weather conditions. To operate and maintain expensive and sensitive technical [camera and sound] equipment was a constant battle. The only way to succeed in doing this was to execute our drills/techniques that we’ve learned through experience. For example, keep the cameras acclimatized at all times. Laborious, though it was, every night (no matter where we were camped or how exhausted we were) we had to clean and attend to our kit — if you look after your kit, your kit will look after you."

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