Ewan Jones Morris Animates a Cluttered Desktop in Charming Anna Meredith Music Video

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Ewan Jones Morris's music video for Anna Meredith's "Dowager" painstakingly animates dozens of individual elements on a traditional desktop--from notebook paper to magazines to a charging phone--before migrating to the multiscreens of a computer desktop.

Watch below.



SHED Montreal Delivers High-End Animation & Motion Design for Commercials with Shotgun Software

Character animation, photoreal CG and high-end motion design are all a signature of the production work from boutique creative studio SHED. Based in Montreal, the 35-person company specializes in post-production, visual effects and animation for commercial clients across Canada and the United States. Focusing on short-form work, SHED’s captivating productions have many moving parts that rely heavily on a well-structured pipeline.