Eric Parker and One9 Go Beneath the Surface for Music Documentary 'Nas: Time is Illmatic'

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Eric Parker and One9’s documentary Nas: Time Is Illmatic was quite literally ten years in the making. The duo initially got the idea in 2004 to make an anniversary documentary about the hip hop artist’s seminal 1994 album Illmatic. “We thought, you know, just a couple of guys would get together and we would just finish it in one year and have it out before the year was ended,” Parker says to The Credits, before Nas’s complex family life and background started to take center stage instead.

“Erik was saying, ‘We’re just going to make a music documentary. After our first few interviews, we realized we can’t just make a music doc. This goes deeper, this goes into the social issues, the family issues…let’s come about it in a way that is totally unique to what Illmatic represents,” One9 explains. “I’m glad we took that time cause we developed as filmmakers. This is our first film and we didn’t have any idea we were going to make this type of film when we first started.”

“Otherwise it might have been all surface, talking about the great little tidbits of knowledge and the magic that happens [when making an album],” Parker adds. “We wanted to find out what created and influenced his mind, and that’s what we decided to go after.”

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