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Includes Alias Mocap6 software. Price: $30,000

Turnkey mo cap

If you're involved in digital content creation, you know that motion capture is key to an increasing number of projects. But it's not easy to train students on the technique, or use it on any but blockbuster film projects, since pro systems can cost up to six figures. Animazoo offers one solution with its new pricing policy for schools and universities. Users can now buy and build a turnkey, inhouse mo-cap studio for much less than comparable systems, according to the company. Animazoo's Gypsy4 is a full body, wireless motion capture system that works in realtime, with little or no “data cleaning” needed afterwards The system is portable, too, and even works in the field.
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Sci-Fi Short 'Hyperlight' Delivered in HDR

Blackmagic Design today announced that its digital film cameras, including the URSA Mini 4.6K and URSA Mini Pro, were used in the filming of a new science-fiction thriller from writer and director Nguyen Anh Nguyen.