DP Linus Sandgren on Shooting the Kodachrome-Inspired 'Promised Land'

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Cinematographer Linus Sandgren talks to ICG Magazine about shooting Gus Van Sant's latest, Promised Land, on film and with the intent of recreating large-format photographs. Says Sandgren, "Gus wanted to capture the people and farmland authentically.  He’s also fond of the Leica camera, as well as large-format photography. He walks around with a digital Leica camera. As we were talking about the look, we came across these reportage stills, shot on 135mm cameras with Kodachrome by photographers like Steve McCurry, Mitch Epstein and Eve Arnold. We also looked at photographs from farmland America shot on 4×5 film cameras and Kodachrome stock, which comes out in a sort of silver enhanced contrasty way, but still carries all highlights and keeps the blacks dense but soft.”

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