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DP Angus Hudson Shoots 'Last Passenger' on the ARRI Alexa

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Cinematographer Angus Hudson talks about shooting Omid Nooshin's debut film, low-budget thriller Last Passenger, on the ARRI Alexa.

He says, "When Omid first started thinking about this project, he wanted to shoot on 35 mm film, but then the realities of trying to make your first movie kick in. We may just about have been able to do it on film if we had followed certain rules, but the sort of rules that would put off most producers and directors, like only doing three takes. It became more and more apparent that shooting digitally was the way to go, so I looked at various options and of all the digital cameras out there I was most familiar with ALEXA, and also preferred its look and feel over the competitors. Having grown up with film, I can relate to ALEXA as a camera, rather than as a piece of technology."

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