Documentary Filmmakers Renaud Brothers on Guerrilla Filmmaking in Combat Zones

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Documentary filmmakers (and brothers) Craig Renaud and Brent Renaud talks to Filmmaker Magazine about their guerrilla filmmaking style that allows them to shoot in combat zones and the like.

Says Brent, "We learned early covering the war in Iraq that traveling light is a key to working efficiently in a combat or disaster zone. More than once we witnessed network news crews with the traditional set up of a producer, soundman, and camera operator being left behind by American military units for lack of space in the vehicles. Large crews are seen as a liability when things get heated. For us getting left behind is never an option, and in Iraq we always showed up for combat missions carrying only a small digital camera and wireless microphones that we operated ourselves. No tripods, no lights, no production assistant to carry equipment. Sometimes there would not be even a single seat available for a reporter in a Humvee or an armored personnel carrier, in which case we would sit on the hump under the dangling feet of the gunner working the 50-caliber machine gun, or even on top of a tank. Whatever it takes. Run and gun.”

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University of Louisville Completes State-of-the-Art Control Room Build With Systems Integration by BeckTV

BeckTV, one of the United States' premier design-build systems integrators, served as the systems integrator for the control room build at the new University of Louisville (UofL) Athletics Broadcast Center in Louisville, Kentucky. The state-of-the-art, 7,850-square-foot television production facility, which opened its doors in September 2018, is designed to house all of the equipment and personnel necessary to originate live programming for the comprehensive linear and digital ACC Network, which will be launched by the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and ESPN in 2019.