DMOD Appoints Tom Ohanian as VP of Product Development

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DMOD, Inc., a provider of secure distribution solutions for digitalassets, today announced the appointment of Thomas Ohanian as vicepresident of product development, effective immediately. Ohanian wasformerly chief editor and corporate fellow at Avid Technology, andholds an Academy Award and two Emmy awards for his role in inventingAvid's nonlinear editing systems. At DMOD, Ohanian will apply over 23years of experience as a strategist and designer of digital mediaproducts to the task of delivering innovative solutions for securedigital media collaboration and distribution.

Ohanian, an accomplished filmmaker, editor, designer, and inventor,joined Avid in 1989 as primary a software and workflow designer, andthe firm's eighth employee. His product designs helped make nonlinearediting the de facto standard worldwide and helped Avid grow from astartup to an over-$400 million public company. Ohanian is therecipient of a 1994 Emmy Award for the Avid Media Composer, a 1995Academy Award for Scientific and Engineering Achievement for the AvidFilm Composer (upgraded in 1999 to the Academy Award of Merit, itshighest scientific and technical honor), and a 1998 Emmy Award for theAvid Multicamera System.

Ohanian's evangelization of new filmmaking techniques andtechnologies have led to the widespread adoption of digital nonlinearvideo and film editing systems, as well as innovative digital mediaworkflow strategies, and LAN/WAN digital media collaboration. He is aboard member and advisor to several digital media technology firms, afrequent judge and lecturer at film festivals, and author of not onlythree textbooks on nonlinear editing and digital filmmaking, but also ahistorical novel. Ohanian holds a BS in broadcasting and film fromBoston University and an MS in instructional technology from RhodeIsland College. He will also be conferred an honorary doctorate ofhumanities from Rhode Island College in May 2002.

"Visionary is an overused word, but when applied to Tom, it's theonly way to fittingly describe his many talents," said Mark Overington,president and CEO of DMOD. "Tom's expansive background and industryacumen help him identify untapped market opportunities and designsolutions with real applicability. I believe Tom will lead both DMODand the entertainment industry to the next major breakthrough in securedigital media creation, collaboration, and distribution."

"DMOD is an extremely exciting company with strong engineering andproduct marketing expertise," said Tom Ohanian. "Secure distribution ofmedia is the next frontier of the content creation business, and DMODis poised to capitalize on this opportunity by delivering majorincreases in productivity, cost reductions, and ultimately a better endproduct for all content-creation applications."

About DMOD
DMOD, Inc. a developer of secure distribution and commerce solutionsfor digital assets. The "end-to-end" design of the DMOD solution, withits multi-key, realtime encryption technology, combines a seamless userinterface with the highest level of encryption available for alldigital content formats, thus enabling the safe and manageable contentdistribution of music, video, software, and text. Founded in 1996, DMODis a pioneer in the field of secure content distribution, and was thefirst company to publicly distribute secure MP3 files. Headquartered inBoston, DMOD also has offices in New York and Los Angeles. DMOD isprivately held and funded by Greylock Partners, Pilot House Ventures,Sage Hill Partners, and Intel Corporation. For more information onDMOD, visit



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