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Director Teller Talks 'Tim's Vermeer'

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The notoriously silent Teller of Penn & Teller breaks his silence to speak to NPR about his documentary Tim's Vermeer, which explores the theory that 17th century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer may have used a camera obscura to create his astonishing photorealistic paintings.

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He says of the similarities between the painter's tricks of the trade to his own magic, "The biggest secret that any magician has is that he's willing to go to way much more trouble than you would ever believe a person would go to to achieve an effect onstage. The trouble that he goes to is not pretty; the trouble is ugly and strenuous and involves trial and error and many things that you just wouldn't want to know about as a viewer. And in the case of this method, this method is incredibly ingenious, but no fun to execute. So the analogy is pretty close."

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