Director Pierre Deschamps Plays with the Ups and Downs of Life for Documentary 'Noma'

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Director Pierre Deschamps spent two years filming Danish restaurant Noma and its groundbreaking chef René Redzepi for his new documentary Noma: My Perfect Storm, a portrait of the establishment which has won Best Restaurant in the World 4 times.

"When I started the film I thought I knew exactly what was the essence of Noma. But somehow, during the course of the shoot, I discovered differences between the message that was presented to the world and the reality of it," Deschamps tells UPROXX. "And that’s what I’ve tried to come across along the film. That, for me, was the biggest surprise. The rest, I read it in a book, I knew how it started, but I wanted to reinforce the fact that Claus Meyer, who was the co-founder and co-owner of Noma, was the guy who started it. And also I had an understanding of the revelation of Noma, the time and place. So there were things that I knew because I’d read it, because René told me some of it and some that I discovered throughout the course of the shoot. And some were definitely very surprising and challenging in terms of storytelling and the other one was just a matter of finding out in your arch how you are going to play with that and how you are going to play with the ups and the downs of his life."