Director Jonas Akerlund Spills About Directing Top Secret Beyoncé Music Videos

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Director Jonas Akerlund talks to Vulture about directing two of Beyoncé's new top secret music video.

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He says about working with the superstar over a multitude of years and projects, "For me, Beyoncé has such a strong creative focus, which always makes my job easier. Because sometimes when I work with an artist, I have to guess a lot, to figure out things. With her, it’s a straight communication and you kind of know where you go. Even with the commercials, she’s very firm and she knows what she wants. She gives straight answers. I thought I’d meet a wreck, because she’s been on tour all year and performing all these shows and shooting all these music videos over the last few months, but she was super-fit, super-enthusiastic. It amazed me."

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