Developing Microsoft App Makes Hyperlapses Out of POV Videos

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A new app in development from Microsoft Research can automatically turn first-person videos (like those shot from a helmet cam, for example) into smooth hyperlapses.

Explains TechCrunch, "This is much more than just some fancy version of the warp stabilizer you may be familiar with from other video editing tools, however. Microsoft’s project also reconstructs the scene itself by creating a depth map based on the video input. With this data, the algorithm can then stitch together an image from a viewpoint that’s slightly different from the original perspective to keep the video as smooth as possible."

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The Colonie Makes AICP Post Awards' Shortlist with Two Nods

The Colonie is on the AICP Post Awards’ shortlist with two of the company’s projects receiving nominations for exceptional work. Editor and Social Media Director Jimmy Helm and Creative Director Jennifer Moody received a nomination in the New Media: Vertical category for the Porsche spot, ‘Curves’ and Editor Nathan Rodgers is a finalist in the Music Video category for his contribution to Taylor Bennett’s ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll.’