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A Debate on Frame Rate

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Phil Rhodes explores the frame rate debate, including the history of 24 fps and what to expect (and not expect) from the current higher frame-rate trend. He writes, "Anyone who was at any one of a few industry trade shows this year might have seen James Cameron's demonstration of high frame-rate filmmaking. Given his stated intention to shoot the inevitable Avatar sequels at 60fps, and that The Hobbit was shot at 48, you'd be forgiven for thinking that there was significant demand for framerates above the traditional 24. As it happens, it looks like there isn’t. Test audiences, including me, have found the effect too much like video, too much like a soap opera. In some ways, it’s an indication of the advance of technology that exhibition frame-rate is now something that we can practically choose to alter, even if this is mainly due to the high frame-rate demands of 3D projection and the desire of cinemas to offer non-feature shows involving sports or performing arts which are originated live, at more conventional television framerates."

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