David Lynch on Love and Digital

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Fresh off of winning a lifetime achievement award from Poland's Plus Camerimage festival, David Lynch spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about his up-in-the-air future filmmaking plans and how he feels about digital.

He said, "Throughout all the years, people have had paper and pencil. And you could say that, people being given these tools, that it could cause problems, that they would express themselves on paper. It did not cause any problems. And it will not cause any problems. What it will do is let people express ideas that they love, whereas before they could not afford to express these ideas. Now they can. The problem is, there are no more art houses left, really. There are just blockbuster theaters for the sole purpose of making money. The Internet is the friend of the independent filmmaker now. So it might be harder to find an audience for your work, but those things that are relevant for today and are considered 'cool' -- they’ll find an audience. And it’s pretty beautiful."

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