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David Cronenberg's Interactive Art Exhibit Further Explained

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David Cronenberg: Evolution is an interactive art exhibit unlike anything that has come before it. The exhibit revolves around not only Cronenberg's work, but the futuristic technology at the heart of some of his most famous films, like eXistenZ. As such, visitors to the exhibit interact with an artificial intelligence being and get customized 3D printed PODs based on those interactions.

Creator Lance Weiler tells Fast Company's Co.Create, "[The exhibit] plays into the whole data movement and our obsession with it and the narcissistic qualities of it. As you’re playing the experience, we’re collecting certain data points, and in the museum space we’re 3-D printing PODs based on your emotional intelligence. Data is being generated about our lives all the time, so I thought it would be fun to play with that idea of quantified self but have it manifest in something real.”

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