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Darius Khondji on Meeting Michael Haneke's High Demands for New Film 'Love'

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Famed cinematographer Darius Khondji (Seven, Delicatessen) talks to the AFC (The Association of French Cinematographers) about Michael Haneke's Love, the first feature length-film that he shot digitally. Khondji talks candidly about some of the challenges of working with Haneke and using the ARRI Alexa.

He says, "First of all, I must tell you that because of Michael Haneke’s talent and high standards, there is always a bit of tension on all of his films. This was the case when we worked together on Funny Games, and I think that this has been the case with all of the directors of photography with whom he has worked in the past. This time, on the set of Love, there wasn’t really any tension. Everything went well and I believe that the entire image team got along well with him. The problems occurred during postproduction.

"Because we were one of the first movies filmed in Raw, the first attempts at debayerizing the images produced dailies whose loss of sharpness on some elements of each shot seriously worried Michael Haneke. After a few weeks of stress, ARRI was able to provide us with a software solution that gave us perfect results. When I arrived back in Paris after working on two other films, I finally discovered the film treated with this new software during a screening in 4K at Studio Lincoln, and I was immediately reassured as to the sharpness of the images."

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