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A Colorist's Take on the AJA CION

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Colorist Mathieu Marano gives his take on the AJA CION, looking at it with an eye on post-production.

He writes, "AJA looked at two very different ways to use this camera. The goal was to maximize time in production and minimize work in post. So, one way to use the camera is to use the different gamma and color correction settings to achieve a baked-in look and go straight to the screen. The other way is to capture as much info as possible in the the files and work on them in post-production."



VFX Legion Creates 100+ FX for 'Superfly' Remake

VFX Legion created over 100 digital effects for ‘Superfly,’ Sony’s highly anticipated remake of the iconic ‘70’s Blaxploitation film. The deadline was only five weeks away, and the visual effects for key action sequences had yet to be assigned when producer Joel Silver and Director X brought the LA studio onboard. Legion’s team was tasked with producing a complex mix of shots designed to heighten the visual impact and visceral feel of the violence in the film’s two pivotal shootout scenes.