Coldplay Connects with ARRI

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Directed by Paul Dugdale, the film Coldplay Live 2012 comprises footage from several Coldplay concerts around the world. To record the band’s performance in Paris, production company JADigital utilized ARRI Alexa cameras equipped with ARRI’s new Fiber Remote Option. Designed for broadcast-style multicamera productions, the Fiber Remote Option allows Alexa and Alexa Plus cameras to be connected through a SMPTE 311M fiber connection and controlled remotely for live image capture.

“I knew the Alexas would make a massive difference to the whole look of the production,” says Nathaniel Hill, who supervised the shoot for JADigital. “The shallow depth of field is beautiful and the latitude was a huge bonus, especially because the show includes moments when the only light in the stadium is from the wristbands worn by the audience.”

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