Clemson Athletics Roars with Panasonic VariCam HS

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In 2015, Clemson University Athletics added the VariCam HS (high-speed) camera/recorder to its large fleet of Panasonic cameras and recorders, and it has been the team’s primary acquisition tool throughout the past two football seasons.

Rick Bagby, assistant athletics director of video and technology, has relied on the VariCam HS for dual, simultaneous recording of high frame rate 240 fps and 1080p/59.94 video footage with 24-bit/48 kHz LPCM audio. “Prior to our investment in the VariCam HS, we would have needed two different camera/recorders to get that job done,” Bagby says.

The VariCam HS system is made up of a recording module and a separate 2/3-inch HD camera head that is dockable to the recorder.

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Video packages, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, are available on the Clemson Tigers web site ( As well, the organization uses them for highlight/banquet videos. Off the football field, the VariCam HS records interviews with athletes on a greenscreen set. When the gridiron action winds down for the season, the camera/recorder provides Clemson basketball coverage.

“I shoot much of the football coverage, and I like shooting with the VariCam HS—it’s a camera with some heft, which I prefer for ENG-style shooting on the field,” Bagby notes. “We have plenty of Panasonic expressP2 cards for high frame rate recording [above 60 fps]. Each 256 GB expressP2 card can record about 32 minutes of 240 fps 1080p video, and we have more than enough space to record the maximum amount of slow-motion, while at the same time capturing the game in real time on a microP2 card. The chief asset of the VariCam HS has been this ability to simultaneously capture 1080p game action and gorgeous super-slow motion footage.”


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