City Hearts Event Recorded with K-Tek’s ProShot

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Los Angeles videographer/photographer Joel Lipton says that shooting fast and adapting to changing situations were the keys to his success in capturing video and stills for City Hearts’ Fresh Focus 2014 charity photo auction event. He used the occasion as an opportunity to pair his Canon EOS 7D with K-Tek’s new ProShot rig.

Lipton says rig setup was simple: the baseplate of his TASCAM DR-60D audio recorder mounted to the ProShot, and the 7D was thread-mounted atop the TASCAM. With ProShot in hand, Lipton was free to move with the shot while simultaneously monitoring audio via a headset.

The multifunction K-Tek ProShot may be configured as shoulder rig, monopod, stabilizer and high hat. Lipton says, “For the stand-ups, I switched back and forth from shoulder mode to monopod in maybe 15 seconds without having to take the camera off the baseplate. The unit is so well balanced in shoulder mode that I could smoothly recompose the shot to get good backgrounds. And the monopod’s weighted base made it stable for long interviews, whether on the grass outside or inside on polished floors. Even high hat mode came in handy because it let me rest the rig safely between takes without breaking the camera down. ProShot is super compact, and what a time-saver.”