Cinematographers Weigh In on the Future of Digital Cinematography

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Madelyn Most has asked several top American, British and French cinematographers to write short essays about the future of their profession in order to make a fascinating, two-part booklet entitled "We Need to Talk About the Future."

On one hand, you have DPs like Michael Seresin saying, "I guess I have been a bit reluctant to get into the digital world because there is so much beyond your control. There’s a huge amount I don’t understand and a huge amount that’s changing so rapidly...I guess you still need the cinematographer for the overall visual look of the film, but these days there’s a technical side and there’s a creative side. Some people love the technical side but I find it boring. What I find fascinating is the creative interpretation of a story, and that’s where I put my energy."

On the other, more practical hand, Stephen Goldblatt says, "As far as I can tell, the union (IATSE) doesn’t give a damn and the ASC is primarily concerned with comradeship and artistry and meanwhile, we are being screwed. You don’t have to work in a black tent and we should all make a specific decision NOT to be in a tent. I want to be right by the director’s side, always involved, the hearing and the eyesight of the directors and the actors, as I see it, that’s my job. The technology is available to have everything transmitted accurately right to you by the camera...It doesn’t have to be a bleak future, we can also influence it but you must speak up - or expire."

Download part 1 here and part 2 here. (via NoFilmSchool)