Cinelicious Provides Post for Arcade Fire's 'Afterlife'

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Directed by Emily Kai Bock and produced by the Creators Project, “Afterlife” is a captivating seven-minute film for the band Arcade Fire. Cinelicious contributed to the collaboration by providing film scanning, color services and 4K mastering. “Emily and I wanted to make something that emphasized the narrative aspects of the music video by making the film look as cinematic as possible,” says cinematographer Evan Prosofsky, who shot “Afterlife” on 35mm and 65mm film.

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“It was refreshing to try to make large-format film work for a creative, short-form project,” Cinelicious founder Paul Korver recalls. “The 35mm was scanned on our [Digital Film Technology] Scanity. We supervised the 65mm selects scanning process with Andrew Oran at FotoKem, with final color by colorist Robert Curreri in our 4K theater.”