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Cine Meter Turns Your iPhone into a Light Meter

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The $4.99 Cine Meter app for iPhones is what Jon Fauer calls "a seriously useful cinematographer’s tool." It works as a light meter, RGB monitor, white balance checker, color temperature matcher, and contrast viewer.

Read Fauer's full take on it here on Film and Digital Times.



VFX Legion Creates 100+ FX for 'Superfly' Remake

VFX Legion created over 100 digital effects for ‘Superfly,’ Sony’s highly anticipated remake of the iconic ‘70’s Blaxploitation film. The deadline was only five weeks away, and the visual effects for key action sequences had yet to be assigned when producer Joel Silver and Director X brought the LA studio onboard. Legion’s team was tasked with producing a complex mix of shots designed to heighten the visual impact and visceral feel of the violence in the film’s two pivotal shootout scenes.