A Cheat Sheet for Final Cut Pro X 10.1

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What's new in Apple's first major update to Final Cut Pro X? Sam Mestman of FCP.co provides a handy cheat sheet.

He writes, "Well, it’s finally here. FCP X 10.1 is out… and some things are different. The big focus on this release was media management. And while it’s a boring topic for a lot of people, for professional editors, this was probably the biggest thing in the app that needed a makeover. I think what’s really happened in 10.1 is that Apple has combined the best parts about the new model they had designed with FCP X and merged those with all the things people still missed about FCP 7. In my opinion, they hit on the best of both worlds with this and really simplified a lot of FCP X’s media management without dumbing anything down."

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