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CHAUVET Nexus Performs at Today Concerts

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For Mariah Carey’s recent performance on NBC’s Today, lighting designer Peter Greenbaum experimented for the first time with CHAUVET Professional’s Nexus 4x4 LED panels. Marking the start of the Toyota Concert Series on Today, the Mariah Carey performance took place outdoors at the Today plaza in Rockefeller Center. This environment, with its high level of ambient light, made the intense brightness and vivid color rendering of the Nexus panels important.

“I was very pleased with the Nexus panels,” says Greenbaum, who ran 12 of the units across the outdoor stage. “I think they look great on air. We will be featuring them in most of our summer concerts. As a set element, the Nexus panels give me one more tool for creating fun and exciting looks, not to mention that they give the camera more focal points for composing better shots.”