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Cause & [Effect] Invigorate Great Minds For Intel

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New York-based production house Cause & [Effect] delivers a colorful twist on innovative ideas in the Curiosity web series for Intel out of Discovery Science. Each episode of the newly revived Curiosity series will focus on a single enduring question in science, technology and society. Cause & [Effect] handled complete production and post production for the five-part web series: developing the overall design, shooting the interviews with the subjects and handling all of the animation and post production in-house. The series features John Hengeveld, who speaks on, "Can computers cure diseases?"; Jason Waxmon, who answers, "When I store my photos in the Cloud, where do they go?; Jeff Demain, who explores, "How does a touchscreen work?"; Genevieve Bell, who ponders, "What will personal computing look like in 2020?"; and Steve Grobman, who answers, "Is my online information safe?"

Each of the webisodes weaves interview footage with whiteboard-inspired animations to enliven the forward-thinking concepts of Intel thought leaders. Notes Director of Post Production Jeff Wolfe, "We wanted to make 'edu-tainment' pieces that allowed viewers to take in hefty ideas without feeling too overwhelmed." The design team worked carefully to create an animated environment that would be entirely unique for each concept discussed.

Director Jamie Hubbard spent a great deal of time pre-interviewing the five thought-leaders chosen by Intel for this series. To further facilitate the ease and comfort of the interview shoot, an Interratron was used, which functions simultaneously as a camera and a TelePrompter-like projector, capturing an interview subject's close-up responses during interviews. Notes Hubbard, "Interviewing such interesting and intelligent people was really exciting. Their research, holistic approach to technology and social patterns, and behavior, shapes the way people live their lives and I think these spots do a good job of expressing that to viewers."

Once the interview footage and animations were complete, the post production team edited the webisodes to provide the ideal balance of light-hearted animation intercut with footage of the articulate orators. Notes Wolfe, "It was inspiring to see how genuinely passionate and enthusiastic these individuals were about what technology can do for the world. Their humanistic and heartfelt deliveries really informed the way we approached the animation and overall look of the project."

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