Canon LCD multimedia projectors

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Features include 1.2X zoom lens, multiple inputs including DVI-I, and network connectivity. Prices: $999 (LV-7370); $1,199 (LV-8300); $1,599 (LV-7375)

New generations of projectors bring improved capabilities beyond just brighter output and flexible connectivity, although that''s on tap too. Canon recently expanded its line of lower-cost LCD multimedia projectors by adding the ability to better work with whiteboards. The new projectors—LV-8300, LV-7375, and LV-7370—offer a Whiteboard mode that is said to dramatically reduce reflective white spots when projecting on a whiteboard. The 3000-lumen-output LV-8300 is claimed as the first-ever native WXGA-resolution (1280x800) widescreen, which means that it can output at that resolution without the need for any distorting compression. The LV-7370 has 3000 lumens, and the LV-7375 has 3500.

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