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Buyer's Guide: Cloud Storage

Moving, Monitoring and Managing Media
In this Buyer's Guide we examine a number of options for cloud-based storage—systems and technologies engineered to allow you to move and manage your media while keeping your assets secure off premises.

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Aspera Transfer Service

This hosted multi-tenant software service running in the cloud enables high-speed upload and download of large files and data sets directly to and from cloud object storage. Using the patented Aspera FASP high-speed transfer protocol, customers can quickly move data of any size over any distance at line speed. This unique Direct-to-Cloud capability integrates with the underlying cloud storage interfaces to enable the fastest file transfers while adding key transfer management features such as pause, auto-resume and reporting, with encryption over the wire and at rest. ATS is a SaaS transfer service with tiered pricing based on the data volume transferred. It's available for purchase directly from Aspera and in the AWS Marketplace. 

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MediaCentral | Cloud UX

This easy-to-use and task-oriented graphical user interface is available as a web client and as mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. The interface gives users easy access to projects, tasks, media and more, and is available to everyone connected to the MediaCentral platform. Team members can easily collaborate with each other no matter where they are—in the same building or on a different continent. As the front end to the entire MediaCentral ecosystem, users have access to every module, app, service and connector available to them all within one interface, streamlining their workflows. From global search capabilities, drag-and-drop content creation, and tracking social media trends, to ingesting, transcoding, managing, editing, reviewing, publishing and delivering content, professional media production has never been so collaborative or easy.

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DataDirect Networks
WOS Object Storage

With new data protection and multi-site connectivity options, DDN's WOS object storage provides high reliability, low archive and backup costs, and fast data movement that exceeds the rigorous requirements of major motion picture studios. DDN's object storage platform allows customers to achieve content sharing and collaboration more economically across a global footprint, and provides the ability to replicate content selectively to meet stringent deadlines without worry about missing shots or problems with version control. In addition, DDN's expanded S3 multi-site capabilities bolster collaboration, disaster recovery and content distribution for customers with multi-site data sharing needs and provide fast, error-free data transfers. 

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Quantum Corp.
Xcellis Foundation

This entry-level workflow storage system offers pricing, configuration and functionality ideally suited to small- to medium-sized post agencies and corporate video departments. Equipped with a full version of Quantum's StorNext 6 shared storage and data management software, Xcellis Foundation delivers enterprise-class NAS storage at under $25,000. It arrives preconfigured with iSCSI disk connectivity, dual 10 GbE, and a choice of three storage capacities: 48, 72 and 96 TB raw. The system is easy to install and manage, and capacity and performance are easily scaled through the addition of disk arrays. 

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Qumulo File Fabric

Qumulo File Fabric (QF2) is promoted as the world's first universal-scale file storage system. QF2 is a modern, highly scalable file storage system that creates a single file domain that spans the data center and the cloud. Enterprise customers have the freedom to store, manage and access their file-based data in any operating environment, at petabyte and global scale. Hundreds of customers, including visual effects studio FuseFX, have adopted QF2 for mission-critical file-based workloads. Qumulo recently announced the availability of QF2 on Amazon Web Services (AWS), bringing universal-scale file storage to the cloud. 

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Media Shuttle

Signiant describes Media Shuttle as the fastest, easiest and most reliable way for users to send and share large files. Used by hundreds of thousands of media professionals around the world, this cloud-native SaaS solution employs Signiant's patented acceleration technology to dramatically speed up transfers over public and private IP networks. Authorized users can log in to Media Shuttle's branded portals from any web browser, gaining secure access to content via a simple user interface. Behind the scenes, the system can be configured to work with either local storage or cloud storage. Sold by subscription to businesses large and small, Media Shuttle is the de facto standard for person-initiated transfer of large files.