Buyer's Brief: VR Production Tools

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As interest in virtual reality experiences continues to grow, a range of technologies is improving the production and post processes.

Boris FX

Mocha VR

The Mocha VR plug-in brings native 360° optimized motion tracking, masking, object removal and horizon stabilization tools to applications including Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Avid Media Composer, the Foundry Nuke and Blackmagic Design Fusion. Developed for editors, compositors and finishing artists, Mocha VR’s post-stitch workflow can be used to fix many issues associated with 360° post, such as removing cameras and stabilizing aerial footage.

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Core SWX


Without the proper power supply, VR camera systems such as the GoPro Omni can only run as long as they have power left in their internal battery packs. With the XP-DV-5GPR battery system—which includes a cable, mount plate, Hypercore-98S battery pack and GP-LS single-position charger—the GoPro Omni camera will operate for three hours. Produced for GoPro, the XP-DV-5GPR cable lets users employ a standard P-tap connection to power the VR system. The cable outputs 5V, with a maximum of 8 amps, allowing users to power the Omni and charge HERO4 Black battery packs simultaneously.

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Jaunt ONE

Developed for VR creators, the Jaunt ONE professional-grade VR camera is available in two configurations: 24G, with global shutter ideal for low light and fast-moving objects; and 24R, with high-resolution sensors ideal for outdoor and time lapse photography. Both models offer 24 camera modules with frame sync, global shutter, 10 stops of dynamic range, and custom 130° FOV lenses with a fixed f/2.9 aperture. The cameras are coupled with 360° audio recording capabilities; audio can be mixed in Dolby Atmos during postproduction. After capturing video, production teams can also stitch and render their footage in the cloud using JCS, Jaunt’s proprietary cloud-based algorithms and tools. Jaunt ONE is currently available for rent via Radiant Images in Los Angeles and AbelCine in New York City.

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Orah 4i

Designed for live streaming high-quality VR/360° video, the Orah 4i is capable of capturing, stitching and streaming full spherical 360° content live in 4K. Equipped with four lenses, four microphones and integrated stitching software, the Orah 4i possesses ambisonic 3D sound capabilities and offers the ability to insert external sound if needed. The output can be streamed directly to YouTube or any other CDN. Streaming services can be selected in the Orah 4i web app.

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G’Audio Lab

G’Audio Works

G’Audio Works is an interactive 3D audio plug-in for digital audio workstations that’s designed to produce more immersive cinematic VR content. Works can be seamlessly added to Pro Tools and enables audio engineers to create spatialized sounds as they watch the reference video and to export quickly with offline bouncing. While other spatial audio solutions focus only on supporting ambisonics, Works supports the simultaneous use of ambisonics, channel and object (mono) signals, with the last being critical in controlling individual sound objects.

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