Buyer’s Guide: Camera Support: Tripod, Monopods and Camera Heads

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Flashpoint V2AH 3Pod Tripod

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An aluminum three-section video tripod with fluid head designed by Flashpoint, Adorama’s in-house brand, the V2AH 3Pod tripod is designed for stability and portability. It is able to support payloads of up to 11 lb. The three-tiered extendable leg system reaches a full height of 77.56” and features rubber feet, large, easy-to-grasp turning knobs and a torsion-resistant aluminum center brace. A two-way fluid metal pan head can be attached to the body of the V2AH tripod with a half-bowl adapter mounting system, providing users with a 360-degree range of motion with dampening, a built-in bubble level and individual directional locking. 


MVH500A Fluid Head

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A lightweight fluid video head designed for users of DSLRs and smaller video cameras, the MVH500A is built using Manfrotto’s Bridging Technology. 
The “hollowed out” structure of Bridging Technology heads allows the 500’s top plate to provide better support for the wider shape of DSLRs. The top plate is also longer and slides to balance the shifting center of gravity of cameras with interchangeable prime and zoom lenses. The MVH500A, which replaces the Manfrotto 701HDV video head, has a preset counterbalance of 5.3 lb. but is able to support equipment of up to 11 lb.

Shotoku Broadcast Systems

SX-300 Pan and Tilt Fluid Head

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The SX-300, Shotoku’s mid-weight manual EFP pan and tilt fluid head, features a robust build and ergonomic design. With an 88 lb. max payload and wide-balance capability, the SX-300 head accommodates a flat base or 150mm ball. It supports an array of cameras, lenses and accessories, making it suitable for field production, OB and studio use. The head offers smooth and adjustable pan and tilt balance, drag with reinforced torque, and a continuously adjustable balance system. 


ChickenFoot Monopod

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A four-stage monopod with a folding tripod base, top support plate with a reversible mounting stud, and spiked feet that are interchangeable with pre-mounted rubber feet, VariZoom’s ChickenFoot monopod combines the portability and quick setup of a monopod with the stability of a tripod base. The tripod base is connected to the monopod section with a ball joint that allows smooth repositioning of the monopod so users can capture any angle. The ChickenFoot features a carbon fiber design that allows the unit to collapse into a compact form and expand to an extended height of 6.6’.