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Brave New World of Binge Watching

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Has Netflix removed the stigma from the phrase binge watching?

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Laura Prepon stars in

Orange Is the New Black

on Netflix. Photo by Jill Greenberg/Netflix.

Ian Crouch of The New Yorker writes, "Netflix touted [new] data as evidence that binge watching has fully transcended whatever stigma might once have been attached to it. It was, according to a Netflix press release, the 'new normal.' The company paid the cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken to visit binge watchers in their homes and talk to them about their habits. In the release, McCracken is quoted as saying that 'the couch potato has awoken,' meaning that binge viewers are no longer the passive boob-tube starers of yesterday but, instead, 'are tuning in, on their own schedule, to a different world.'"

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