Blackmagic URSA 'Represents Incredible Value'

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RedShark News' SImon Wyndham writes up a thorough review of the Blackmagic URSA.

He writes, "The URSA's rivals are lighter weight, and, in some cases, more capable in the areas of low light, noise, dynamic range or framerate. Some of them require less investment in support gear, too, or at least may be more readily capable of utilising the support gear that you already have.This begs the question of what value the URSA has? If you already have the support equipment and battery system, as well as preferring the larger form factor, you'll be flying. The ace up the URSA's sleeve is the interchangeable sensor block and huge amounts of redundant processing power available for future upgrades. It may well be that the ability to upgrade to future better performing sensors may offset the cost of purchasing better support equipment, when weighed up against possibly having to buy a totally new camera every couple of years to keep up with the Joneses. The decision will ultimately be yours, but what I can say is that the URSA, with its modularity and future-proofing, still represents incredible value for the money you pay for it and should be on your list for consideration."

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