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The Blackmagic Cinema Camera: 'An Absolute Steal'

Publish date:'s Joe Marine finally gets his hands on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and gives his thoughts on the $3K camera. He writes, "This is really designed to be a step up from DSLRs, not a camera for people who already have the money to spend $20,000 on a RED package. It’s a junior cinema camera in that you’re not getting ND filters or some of the other features you might get with Sony’s new F5/F55 or the even more expensive ARRI Alexa or Sony F65. You’re getting a box, with a sensor, and some very nice recording formats. If you want cheap, you have to compromise, and personally I’m glad they didn’t compromise on image quality. If you can’t get around the usability issues, that’s perfectly understandable, but anything else that would make this camera better hardware-wise would make it that much more expensive. I don’t think this camera is all that appealing at $6,000-$10,000, but for $3,000, it’s an absolute steal to get footage that has just about as much resolution at 1080 and nearly as much dynamic range as cameras costing 10-20 times as much."

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