The Big Resolution vs. Dynamic Range Debate: Learn All About it From an Expert Panel

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Keycode Media is announcing an exciting upcoming webcast, which will cover issues related to finishing for higher-resolution and higher-dynamic-range display formats. 

As stated on Keycode's site, "Better pixels or more pixels? Nearly 50% of US homes will own a 4K TV by 2020, yet both Netflix and Amazon Prime say High Dynamic Range (HDR) is more important. Meanwhile editing 4K content requires a faster computer, updated software, and even more storage. Which format should post production be focusing more on? Where’s the demand, and what is the most affordable way of doing it?

"Key Code Media and Sony Professional," it goes on to announce, "will bring together an industry panel to discuss the future direction of post production workflow. What are the necessary software/hardware tools, and services that will be vital for the growth of post production in the future."