'Big Men' Director Rachel Boynton on Turning Trusting Relationships into a Documentary

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Big Men director Rachel Boynton talks to Documentary.org about her oil documentary and how she painstakingly gained the trust of a disparate group of people in order to make her unbiased film.

"I've been interested in films that look at big ideas about how the world is today. And I thought the oil industry was ripe for a great documentary, because I've never seen anything about the oil business from inside the business. There are reasons for that. It's very hard to get into the oil business to make a movie, which I discovered as I went into it," she says. "A big part of my initial work, particularly when it came to the oil world, was really about meeting people—any people—in the world of oil exploration and convincing them that I wasn't some scary, liberal-minded documentary filmmaker who was going to come in and trash the scene. I had a lot of work to do to convince them that I was interested in actually listening to what they had to say. And a lot of that was about forming relationships."

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