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Behind-the-Scenes of the Promo Shoot for 'Scandal'

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Neil Berkeley of BRKLY talks to Brief about how he created the paper-shredding promo for ABC's Scandal.

He says, "We actually built a paper shredder. We took a paper shredder and ripped it apart, and rebuilt it using mounts so we were able to take the camera and put it above and next to and underneath the paper as it was being shredded. If you look at a shredder, it’s not just scissors. It’s these wheels that grind against each other and shred the document, and it looks really dramatic, almost Medieval. We treated that shredding of the paper as a real dramatic transitional device. We shot it all high-speed, 120 frames-per-second, using a lot of slow-motion stuff. [ABC] loved that there was paper everywhere, little pieces of paper floating in the air, light popping through.”

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