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Barry Levinson on Going Consumer-Quality Digital for 'The Bay'

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Director Barry Levinson writes a first-person account of going digital for his ecological horror film,

The Bay

which involved shooting with more than 20 different digital platforms, many of them of consumer quality.

He says, "Ironically, when our cinematographer does some of the filming, he needs to duplicate the crudeness and the nonsophistication of a video that would go on YouTube. As to the picture quality, we decided after testing rather extensively that it would be best to use actual consumer products rather than working with high-end professional equipment that would be degraded later in post-production. No matter how much we beat up the video from the consumer cameras in Final Cut, it still looked too good..."

He continues, "This digital revolution will change the way we tell stories. It will challenge the convention of today and it will redefine the distribution of film for tomorrow. There will be many who will lament what was, and there will be many more who never knew what was."

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