Artistic Filmmaking With Almost Zero Budget

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Splicecommunity has a fascinating piece about filmmaker Dan Sadgrove and the short film (below) "Tomorrow's Flames are Alreaady Burning" that he made with next to no budget at all while living in Joshua Tree.



Sadgrove, who was spending a few months in the desert recals, "A friend of mine from London was in Los Angeles working on an exhibition he was showing in Austin, which was in a few months time. I told him to come out and work from the house, maybe he’d find some inspiration as his art is very desert based. We got talking about how I should shoot a video for it so I started thinking about what I should do. I didn’t want to shoot a standard ‘process’ video of him painting to exhibit though - you know - him buying paints, sewing materials, painting, looking at it, that kind of boring stuff. I wanted to capture more of the creative process behind his work.



"I used anything could get my hands on. I used a friends Canon 5D MKII with a kit 35mm lens and bought a 100mm macro lens. I made a bunch of awful light stands from PVC pipes from Home Depot as well as lights with dimmers from their lighting section. I had those Chinese lantern lights as well and a bunch of gels. All super amateur stuff.

"I shot in raw with that magic lantern hack, that took a while to learn. A lot of it was just trial and error."

Watch the resulting film here: