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Are We Headed to a Pixel-Free Future?

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David Shapton of RedShark News writes an interesting article on why he thinks 8K, or even pixels, aren't the future of imaging.

He writes, "There are a number of developments that make me think that not only are there other improvements that will be of more benefit than the pain and expense of moving up to 8K, but that perhaps we might move away from having pixels at all. Now, please note that we will probably always have to have pixels when it comes to displaying pictures. Unless we invent a digital method to display video that has some kind of organic, non grid-based method, then we will always see the world through a spatially quantized grid when we see recorded or transmitted images. But what will, I think, change radically, is how we store the video. What I think will happen is that we will move towards vector video."

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