Amy Berg Lets Janis Joplin Perform Her Way Through New Documentary

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New documentary Janis: Little Girl Blues showcases the many facets of rock legend Janis Joplin, from her electric performances to her heartfelt, vulnerable letters to her family about the pressures of her rising fame.

Director Amy Berg was interested in using a combination of the letters, interviews, and performances to tell Joplin's story. Most importantly, she wanted to let the music shine through wherever possible. "It was very important to hit certain songs because they resonated in an emotional way,” she tells RealScreen. “I didn’t want to have a lot of talking in and out of these performances. There are some scenes where you have to narrate your way through them but I wanted her performance to do what it should do. The film kept getting denser and denser and then slimmer and slimmer; it was a different way to edit.”