AlphaDogs Delivers Google's Zeitgeist 2012 with Virtual Post Workflow

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Burbank based AlphaDogs Post has completed postproduction services for Google’s annual video, titled Zeitgeist 2012 Year-In-Review. Airing recently on broadcast television and going viral on the Internet with over 13 million views, Zeitgeist, which means “spirit of the times,” tells the story of 2012 through the eyes of Google Search.

Jenna Ceddici, head of production at Los Angeles creative agency Whirled, came to AlphaDogs with a late-hour need to finish the video set to air before the end of 2012. To add to the challenge of the tight deadline, key players on the project were traveling for the holidays or working from offices in locations other than Los Angeles.

For more than 10 years, AlphaDogs has offered a wide complement of postproduction services, from offline facility rentals, color correction and audio mixing to visual effects and motion graphics design. Remaining true to their company motto “Ahead of the Pack,” AlphaDogs rose to challenge delivering Zeitgeist in a completely virtual environment.

AlphaDogs editor and colorist Sean Stack had his work cut out when it came to color correcting. The year of clips included source footage from a variety of camera types, all with different frame rates, resolution and out-of-the-box looks. Before Stack began the color correction process, source clips were converted into a common frame rate and resolution to play in a single timeline. Stack scrutinized each clip, adding just the right amount of contrast and color saturation, enhancing the images but making sure viewers would remain focused on the subject through a consistent look overall.

With some clips only being a half-second in length, color played a big role in catching attention of the audience and pulling them in. “Directing the viewer’s attention becomes a critical goal oriented task,” says Stack. "I worked in creating a look with the color that would keep the audience focused, not missing a moment even when the editing pace becomes rapid.”

Review and approval were all done digitally, with Stack sending JPEG screen grabs and low-resolution H.264 format QuickTime files via the Internet. Zeitgeist was delivered on time and the clients did not need to visit the facility in person.

Produced by Whirled Creative for the third consecutive year, Zeitgeist 2012 Year-In-Review is directed by the company’s founder, Scott Chan.

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