6 Cameras That Changed Independent Filmmaking

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In a guest post on Indiewire, filmmaker Noam Kroll lists his all-time top 6 cameras the believed were true gamechangers for independent filmmakers.

He writes, "The term 'game changer' gets thrown a lot these days, and just about every camera manufacturer wants their camera to be the next big thing. More often than not though, the features, specs, or overall quality of the images that these cameras produce are far from game changing, even if the cameras themselves are impressive. Take the Lumix GH4, for instance (a personal favorite of mine)… This is a camera that is making huge waves in the low-budget independent scene, and is undeniably an extremely powerful and valuable tool – but that doesn't in itself make the camera revolutionary. In my opinion, for a camera to truly shake things up in the independent film world it not only needs to deliver beautiful images, but also offer innovative technology that we haven't seen before and package it in an affordable way."

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