4K Experts Answer Detailed Questions on Their Workflow

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Pro Video Coalition's live webinar "The Benefits of Using 4K Now" gathered together experts James Fox and Geoff Peck from Dawnrunner and Scott Hamilton from Dell to demo a 4K workflow and answer user-submitted questions.

They said of their thoughts on delivering in 4K, "This is the new paradigm and there is a large advantage in shooting a higher resolution than your delivery format for many reasons. Right now 4K delivery is still in its infancy. However, once it's widely adopted we will want to already be filming in 6K! We've already mentioned some of the creative reasons for filming in a higher resolution than your delivery, but quality is a factor as well. When you shoot at 4K and you deliver in 2K or 1080p you are in essence creating a much sharper, cleaner and more presentable film."

Read their detailed answers to the questions here and watch a replay of the webinar here.