13: EDIT 3D VIDEO IN FINAL CUT PRO -- Wednesday, Sept. 15

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3D isn't just for feature films. In fact, this January, Sony, Imax, and Comcast will start providing 3D material on cable. Discovery is launching a satellite 3D channel. And, virtually any flat-panel TV sold in the last two years is 3D-ready. Consumers don't have to spend a lot to watch 3D in their home.

There's a rapidly growing market -- what do you need to know to take advantage of it?

3D may just be a flash-in-the-pan. Then, again, maybe not. Can you afford to ignore this until its too late? This session tells you what you need to know to edit 3D successfully in Final Cut Pro.

Spend an hour now to do your homework. Then, you can make a better decision. In this session, you'll learn the techniques, software, plug-ins, and hardware you need to work with this new media. As well, Larry will give you guidance on traps to avoid as you start working in 3D.

What you should know to make the most of this session:

    • You have installed Final Cut Pro 6 or later.
    • You are comfortable editing traditional media in Final Cut Pro
    • You are working, at some level, with high-definition video.

NOTE: This session will not cover the specifics of how to shoot 3D material, though it will discuss general shooting techniques. This session does not require 3D glasses, special monitors, or the ability to actually view 3D video.
What you will learn in this seminar:

    • The basic principles that make 3D video possible.
    • Overview of hardware and software requirements.
    • Overview of the principles of how to create 3D video images
    • Production tips to simplify challenges in editing
    • Illustrate what plug-ins are necessary and how to use them.
    • Show how to set up your system for 3D.
    • Illustrate how to monitor 3D images.
    • The process of ingesting, adjusting, editing, and outputting 3D video.
PLUS -- Live questions and answers with Larry during the event via our interactive chat.
All attendees will receive a free download of the webinar afterward to use as a reference.

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