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Z-Band Unveiled Its ‘GigaBUD 1000’

There are four models available, the Z 1200, the Z 1200-F, the Z 2400 and the Z 2400-F

Z-Band Inc., a provider of radio frequency video-distribution systems, launched the “GigaBUD 1000,” the company’s latest video-hub product designed to provide education, government and health care with high-quality television and video distribution.
The GigaBUD 1000 operates within the 54 MHz to 860 MHz bandwidth range and can distribute 134 National Television System Committee channels of 6 MHz each or hundreds of digital channels, including dozens of high-definition TV 1080p channels over structured “T568” category-cable systems, according to Z-Band.
Through the use of automatic gain-control technology, the video hub automatically splits, amplifies, slopes and adjusts input and output signals, ensuring precise signal level and superior-viewing quality at each connected TV, Z-Band said. In addition, the “backbone cable” can be either single-mode fiber and/or standard coaxial cable that can be cascaded to other hubs, the company said.
The GigaBUD 1000 is also equipped with the “Mini Monitor” program that displays the operating condition for a particular hub based on input level, tone level of each coax output port, power-supply status, the ability to turn the port on and off and temperature, Z-Band said. When connected to the Z-Band Zip232 control unit, the hubs are capable of distributing RS232 signals to a single television or to an entire group, the company adds.
There are four GigaBUD 1000 distribution hub models available for a wide variety of uses, Z-Band said. The two 12-port units are the Z 1200 and the Z 1200-F, with the latter featuring Fiber RX that provides the option of a single-mode fiber connector, the company said. Z-Band also produces two 24-port units, the Z 2400 and the Z 2400-F.
The user-friendly design of the GigaBUD 1000 simplifies installation of the device, and little technical expertise is required to maintain the unit, Z-Band said. The system’s “plug and play” capabilities make it easy to add TVs to the hub, and the system’s scalability should alleviate an organization’s concerns about future proofing, the firm said.
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