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You Like Us; You Really Like Us

Results of GV's reader survey are in

The editorial office of Government Video is more cube farm than ivory tower, but the effect is the same. Though I have a professional video background, I work in a location much different from yours, so visualizing what you do and how you do it can be a challenge.

That’s why we ran a reader survey to find out how well GV serves your needs. I admit to having had some trepidation at the start of the survey, but the results quickly had me smiling. Now that the survey is complete, it is overwhelmingly clear that you enjoy getting Government Video and you have some excellent ideas about how to make it better.

First, most readers have been enjoying GV for some time, with more than half saying that you’ve been reading it for more than three years. However the next item gave me my first big smile: More than 40 percent say that GV’s content is on-target for the work you do. About 30 percent of the remainder say that GV is typical of other trade journals with respect to content, sometimes useful and sometimes not. All told, nearly 75 percent of our readers say that GV’s content is at least sometimes helpful, with a healthy plurality telling us that we’re doing the right thing.

That’s not to say Government Video can’t be improved. When we asked what kinds of articles you’d like to see more of, the big winner was more content that explained emerging technology (77.5 percent), followed by tips and tricks for better effectiveness and productivity (64 percent) and commentary about important industry trends (60 percent). A few readers took the time to write down the topics they want to see in GV, such as more coverage of video walls in command centers.


With GV’s office located inside the Washington, D.C., Beltway, I thought that you would find us a little heavy on coverage of federal video projects and applications. However, nearly 2/3s said that our content was evenly balanced among federal, state and local video activities. Reducing the federal focus some was the next most popular choice at 32.5 percent.

As for where GV’s readers work, about 30 percent (the largest group) work for local/county-level agencies. The federal government accounts for 13 percent of GV’s readers, while nearly 22 percent work for private companies with no government connection. Interesting. More government contractors took the survey (14 percent) than actual federal government employees (13 percent).

You may receive other journals, as many readers do, with the big winner there being Digital Video (71 percent). That’s a favorite of mine, too. Almost 60 percent of you read AV Technology and 56 percent read TV Technology. All three of these magazines are sister publications to Government Video, and I was on the staff of TV Technology for a few years, so I can heartily endorse your industry reading habits.

The final bit of statistics shows that more than 55 percent of the survey respondents attend the National Association of Broadcasters show, while about 42 percent attend the Government Video Expo. Other popular shows are the Next|Video Expo (formerly the DV Expo) and InfoComm.

Many took the time to write additional feedback, which we seriously appreciate. What the survey told us is (to paraphrase Sally Field), “You like us; you really like us!” Of course, you also pointed out that there is room for improvement and reasons to make some changes.

Thank you for participating in the survey. I welcome your ideas about how to make GV better at any time; email me at