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Yorktel Introduces Yorkcast for Webcasting, Enterprise Streaming Media

Platform for webcasting and streaming media

Yorktel’s Prsym presentation system

EATONTOWN, N.J. –Yorktel, a provider of communications and collaboration (UCC), cloud, and video managed services, recently announced the release of Yorkcast, its webcasting and streaming media platform for enterprise and government applications.

Yorkcast offers a suite of multimedia communication features, functionality and services, including content creation, distribution, management, search, and tracking. It also a single point of contact in Yorktel for the entire event management process.

“For 29 years, Yorktel’s Media Services team has empowered Fortune 500 companies and federal government agencies to create and manage their professional video productions and video communications, from internal communications to public broadcasts,” said Ron Gaboury, Yorktel’s CEO. “Yorktel [now] offers a single point of contact to both manage an event’s production, as well as its delivery through streaming media or webcast.”

Yorktel’s comprehensive suite of video service offerings, which are available on a per-event basis or as an ongoing, fully managed services, includes broadcast-quality video production, post-production editing, live event AV production, streaming media webcasting, and managed media services.Available as on-premise or hosted, managed service solution, Yorkcast is customizable and suited for both live and on-demand content delivery, and allows communication with an entire enterprise behind the firewall or a worldwide audience over the public Internet.

Browser-based viewing eliminates costs from needing additional software or hardware, and Yorkcast’s multimedia content management system is designed to manage, secure, customize and play back media-rich content. An automated content portal allows for immediate archiving, organization, search, and retrieval of multimedia presentations, and features advanced search capabilities with character recognition of presentation content and phonetic search of presentation audio.