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XenData Produces Interface for Avid’s FastBreak Solutions

The new interface will create a new cost-effective, standards-based archive solution for FastBreak Automation users.

XenData, a provider of digital video archiving solutions tailored specifically to serve the media and entertainment industry, has teamed up with Avid—a producer of digital audio and video technology—to develop a new interface for Avid’s FastBreak automation solutions, the companies say in a written statement.

FastBreak automates workflows for broadcast operations and is capable of fully automating daily master control play out functions, as well as facilitating ingest, archiving, media management and traffic system interoperability, the firms say.

The new interface has been developed for operators to combine Avid’s Automation Archive Manager with XenData digital video archives, running XenData’s X64 Edition software. That creates a new cost-effective, standards-based archive solution for FastBreak Automation users.

XenData’s archiving solution enables reliable archiving of video assets to high-performance LTO-5 data tape. XenData’s LTO-5 archive also provides additional benefits. Those benefits are:

  • Very high performance due to the capabilities of LTO-5 data tape combined with the advanced RAID caching techniques employed by XenData software.
  • High storage capacities provided by LTO-5 tape libraries within the XenData Archives. A typical entry-level system will store over 60 TB near-line, representing over 5,000 hours of video at DV25.
  • Use of the open standard tar format when archiving to LTO which means that files may be restored using a variety of third party platforms including native Linux, Unix, Windows Services for Unix, as well as XenData software.
  • A file-system interface, meaning that the investment in the archive can be used for other applications within a broadcast station without the need to acquire additional software from XenData.
  • The ability to automatically produce replica LTO-5 tapes, enabling a copy of each tape to be held offsite ensuring high data integrity.
  • The integration with the XenData solution provides a new, additional archive option for FastBreak Automation users and reinforces our commitment to supporting industry standards, says Bill Hadsell, Avid’s product manager.